Germany Office

Our G-TEKT Deutschland GmbH was established in June 2015 in Munich, Germany, as a wholly owned subsidiary of G-TEKT Corporation. The capital stock is 550,000 €. The company's mission statement is to R&D cutting edge technology of the Automotive Industry and to support the sales activities of all G-TEKT affiliate companies around the world, as a sales representative office for our European customers.

The whole G-TEKT Group Network is tapped into in order to meet the requests of the European automotive manufacturers. Meeting the clients’ requests involves obtaining feedback on the cutting-edge technology, which we share internally to enable us to provide high-quality products.


If you have any enquiries please feel free to contact us.


Twin Yards Office Building,
Walter-Gropius-Strasse 23
Munich, 80807 Germany
Tel: +49 (0)89-2488-1070